Greenlight GO

Eliminate the IT bottleneck and GO grow your business.

The most straightforward approach to IT

Every business from startup to enterprise needs an IT department. Not every company has the resources to staff a full-time team. Growing SMBs especially have to adhere to strict and predictable budgets to ensure they’re making a profit while keeping their business’ infrastructure running smoothly.

Greenlight Go is a Managed Services solution purpose-built to fulfill the role of an internal IT department.

How does it work?

Greenlight’s expert consultants will work with you regularly to ensure you’re making optimal use of your IT budget while improving several aspects of your IT environment, including security, performance, and day-to-day operations. We’ll be your IT department for a flat fee with no underlying costs, the same amount every month.

Why Greenlight?

Working with us buys you more than just our technical expertise; we want to help your business succeed and become your long-term partner. We can leverage more resources and accommodate to your IT strategy as your business grows, bringing in more capabilities from our other programs. Working with Greenlight sets you on a path aimed at constant growth and improvement, with the capacity to scale as needed.

How we typically help our
GO clients:

Desktop & Server Support

IT Support & Help Desk

VoIP solutions

Remote workforce


Back up & Disaster Recovery

Microsoft 365 support

Microsoft 365 support

Focus on your business with confidence in your IT.

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