How Much Cyber Protection is Enough?

Small-to-mid-sized businesses today face many kinds of cyber security threats and the ominous question…“How much cyber protection is really enough?” White hat and ethical hacking, penetration testing, and a whole host of other cyber risks continue to emerge and must be effectively managed. Greenlight Information Services in Irvine is a team of highly skilled, Microsoft 365 experts who can help protect your business and manage your IT security risks.

Greenlight Guardian

Protect Your Business from Cyber Risks

Greenlight Guardian

Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that protect your data, your systems, your reputation, and your business

Greenlight Go

Upgrade Your Outsource IT Support

Greenlight Go

Outsourced IT solutions that bridge the gap between your business and your technology

Greenlight Level Up

Support Your Internal IT Team

Greenlight Level Up

Co-managed services that elevate your internal IT to the next level with Level Up

Greenlight Cloud 365

Leverage Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Greenlight Cloud 365

Mobile workforce solutions with Microsoft 365 and Azure

Why our clients love working with us

“Our projects used to go over budget and run late. Since we engaged Greenlight those problems are a thing of the past. These guys always come through under pressure and we can count on them to deliver when we need them. By far the best at what they do.”

– Kevin D. (Manufacturing Co – COO)

“We count on Greenlight to help us with everything from extra help on projects to solution designing and overall IT strategy. They have never let us down and continue to impress with their experience and commitment to our success. Keep up the great work!”

– Bob K. (Law Firm – IT Manager)

“We’ve tried numerous IT consultants and staffing firms when we needed help getting projects done on time. Greenlight is the best, by far. Their team is knowledgeable, friendly and always willing to do what it takes to get the job done. If you need a partner you can count we highly recommend Greenlight.”

– Thomas R. (Marketing Firm – CIO)

Our Technology Partners

Elevate Your Business with Greenlight Information Services!

We understand time is your most precious commodity and we’re not going to waste any of it. To discover or confirm your current technology is elevating your business, book a complimentary meeting with our cybersecurity and IT experts.