Greenlight Level Up

Stop throwing more techs at the problem.

Level UP your IT team with Greenlight

Successful business teams are comprised of people who trust in each other’s capabilities and have a symbiotic relationship. At Greenlight, we understand this, and rather than displace IT departments, we aim to help them grow stronger and smarter.

Level Up is IT services for IT people. We help IT teams learn to do what we do under our Managed Services model for their own companies. It’s a learning process, it’s a technical overhaul, and it’s a cultural shockwave across your ranks designed to augment capabilities, expand possibilities, and strengthen resources.

How does it work?

With our Level Up service, we partner with our clients to understand the business requirements and technology landscape to uncover the root cause of their issues to create the right solution for both the Business and IT organizations.

Some of the benefits our clients have seen as a result of Level Up include:


  • Reduced number of technical issues
  • Decreased issue resolution time
  • Improved user-satisfaction
  • Stronger and healthier relationships between the Business and IT
  • More time for the internal IT team to work on strategic initiatives

Do more, go further, level UP.

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