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Why Consider Adopting Cloud Solutions for Your Business?

In recent years, most successful small-to-mid-sized businesses have actively embraced cloud-based services…and in a big way! As technology advances and continues to radically impact business strategy, employee motivation, productivity, and profitability, many of our clients have experienced the benefits of adopting cloud-based technologies. But not every business is ready or financially able, to make this investment or completely revamp their business model.

At Greenlight Information Services, we completely understand this dilemma and this is why we help our clients evaluate ideal timing, cost considerations, and the pros and cons of moving their data and systems to the cloud.

Below are a few of the ways Greenlight Information Services can help you leverage the cloud to grow and elevate your business.

Workplace Modernization

Greenlight Information Services’ highly skilled team of technologists, who are business strategists at their core, work very closely with founders, visionaries, and their IT staff to choose and implement the best technology solutions that maximize productivity and profitability. Our team will help you assess your current technology infrastructure, explore your business vision, identify your short and long-term goals, and even consider your exit planning—when recommending the most efficient and cost-effective cloud strategies.

We have a proprietary process to assess, calculate, and ultimately discover new ways to reduce your business’ Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We customize every cloud environment and completely manage the migration of your current IT assets to the cloud, so that you can rest easy and can focus on successfully running your business.

Greenlight’s Wide Range of Cloud Solutions include

Microsoft 365
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft Exchange
Azure Virtual Desktop - Windows 365
Microsoft Azure

Cloud-Based Security

Greenlight Information Services’ battle-tested, security solutions significantly reduce your cyber risk, while improving the way you do business.

Some of our cloud security solutions include Cloud App Security, Email Security, Information Protection, Data Loss Prevention, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, among others.

Here’s a sample of the Microsoft Cloud Services that our clients have leveraged to elevate their company to the next level.

Microsoft 365 for Business | Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 for Business | Microsoft 365

  • NEW OFFERING! Work From Anywhere, even across the globe, with greater efficiency and heightened security using Windows 365 Cloud PC.
  • Let us show you how these cloud solutions are being leveraged and the way they are positively impacting small, mid-sized, and large businesses, Azure Virtual Desktop (Microsoft Azure).

Elevate Your Business to the Next Level with Greenlight Information Services’ Customized Cloud Solutions!

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