About Greenlight

Since 2010, Greenlight has helped small and growing companies use technology to solve their most pressing business challenges. We are pleased to be a member of the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Small Businesses

Greenlight is a self-funded, privately-owned business with a decade of experience under our belts. Our approach to IT is different: we view ourselves as teachers and mentors more than service providers. Our philosophy is at the forefront of every engagement we undertake, aiming to create tangible value and lasting positive change across your IT department, its policies, practices, and procedures.

Every technical resource at Greenlight is an expert in their field and capable of transporting their knowledge and capabilities to others. Whenever we run into any limitation, we can leverage our network of partners to expand our technical scope on anything.


“As a business owner, I know how technology impacts every part of an organization including sales, operations, accounting and support. I’ve learned that throwing technology at problems without understanding the business impact does not produce the desired results. At Greenlight, we partner with our clients to make sure that technology makes life easier, projects run smoother and improves end user satisfaction.”

Jason Makevich

Why Greenlight?

Working with us buys you more than just our technical expertise; we want to help your business succeed and become your long-term partner. We can leverage more resources and accommodate to your IT strategy as your business grows, bringing in more capabilities from our other programs. Working with Greenlight sets you on a path aimed at constant growth and improvement, with the capacity to scale as needed.

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